Round eldar
This page is about Dawn of War units. For background information, see Eldar.


Dow eld farseer iconFarseerPrimary commander
Dow eld seer council iconSeer CouncilSecondary commander


Dow eld bonesinger iconBonesingerBuilder unit
Dow eld guardian squad iconGuardian SquadLight infantry
Dow eld ranger squad iconRanger SquadLight infantry
Dow eld howling banshee squad iconHowling Banshee SquadMelee infantry
Dow eld dark reaper squad iconDark Reaper SquadRanged infantry
Dow eld warp spider squad iconWarp Spider SquadElite ranged infantry
Dow eld grav platform shuriken cannon iconGrav Platform - Shuriken CannonAnti-infantry weapon
Dow eld grav platform brightlance iconGrav Platform - BrightlanceAnti-vehicle weapon


Dow eld falcon iconFalcon Grav TankTransport
Dow eld vyper iconVyperLight vehicle
Dow eld wraithlord iconWraithlordWalker vehicle
Dow eld fire prism iconFire PrismMain Battle Tank


Dow eld avatar iconAvatarRelic unit


Dow eld webway gate iconWebway GateInfrastructure
Dow eld support platform iconSupport PlatformTurret

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