"We are Chaos, Chaos is strong!"

— when a Cultist Squad is finished training

Cultist Squads are a basic infantry unit for Chaos in Dawn of War. They can be trained at the Desecrated Stronghold for 80 Requisition and requires 2 Squad population. Each squad always start out with 4 members by default but can be increased at a price of 20 Requisition.


  • Infantry
  • Scout/Meat shield. High numbers but weak combat ability.
  • Can be upgraded with weapons to become effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.
  • Can be upgraded with the Infiltration ability (stealth).
  • Effective against infantry.


Cultist Squads have:

  • 180 HP (155 before Dark Crusade)
  • 300 Morale
  • Deals 18-22 melee damage
  • Deals 12-14 ranged damage
  • Have a maximum squad size of 10.
  • Have a maximum weapon upgrade limit of 3.


Cultists are cheap and easy to mass-produce, a bit like Imperial Guardsmen except more effective in melee than ranged combat (unless equipped with heavy weapons). Cultist Squads can be equipped with grenade launchers or plasma guns just like Guardsmen. They can infiltrate (with research) and their squad leader (Aspiring Champion) can detect infiltrated units. The leader can also be used for the Bloodthirster transformation. It is best to mow them down with heavy bolter fire before they tie you up in melee. A single Land Speeder will also make short work of Cultists.


When selectedEdit

  1. We can serve you, we are eager to please.
  2. Yes lord?
  3. How can I serve?
  4. You favor us with your intentions.
  5. Grant us the gifts of the Chaos Gods great one.
  6. Enemies of the Dark Gods beware!
  7. We will serve you, and in return give us the gift of the Dark Gods.

When movedEdit

  1. Wherever you wish.
  2. We are eager to prove ourselves.
  3. Crush! Kill! Destroy!
  4. We are your favorites, are we lord?
  5. You are the master.
  6. Yes master, right away master.
  7. As you command.

When attackingEdit

  1. Destroy them.
  2. Attack, attack, attack!
  3. Kill them all!

When capturing Strategic Points and Critical LocationsEdit

  1. It is ours for the taking.
  2. We'll control the entire world a point at a time.
  3. We shall capture it.

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