• Infantry
  • Scout/Meat shield. High numbers but weak combat ability.
  • Can be upgraded with weapons to become effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry
  • Can be upgraded with the Infiltration ability (stealth)
  • Effective against infantry.


  • Class: Infantry
  • Role: Cannon fodder, scouting, detection

Cultists are weak and numerous, a bit like Imperial Guardsmen except more effective in melee than ranged combat (unless equipped with heavy weapons). Cultist Squads may have grenade launchers or plasma guns just like Guardsmen. They can infiltrate (with research) and their squad leader (Aspiring Champion) can detect infiltrated units. The leader can also be used for the Bloodthirster transformation. It is best to mow them down with heavy bolter fire before they tie you up in melee. A single Land Speeder will also make short work of Cultists.

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