Rhino Transport reporting!

— when a Chaos Rhino Transport is finished training.

Chaos Rhino Transport is essentially a Space Marine Rhino transport reconfigured to serve the Chaos Space Marines in Dawn of War. The Vehicle is available at the Machine Pit.


  • Vehicle. Tank.
  • Transport tank. No weaponry.
  • Can transport infantry units (except Obliterators and Raptors).
  • Can be equipped with smoke launcher ability.


  • 615 HP
  • Costs 95 Requisition, 70 Power and 1 Vehicle Population.


In addition to Stop and Move, Chaos Rhinos have the following abilities:

  • Can transport one squad of any Infantry unit except Obliterators and Raptors.
Smokelaunchers DoW
  • Fires a smoke grenade at the targeted location. Units in the area around the smoke grenade receive a 50% defense boost against ranged attacks and ranged morale damage for 30 seconds. This effect can be stacked. This add-on requires Wargear: Smoke Launchers to be fully researched at the Machine Pit.


When selectedEdit

  1. Transport ready.
  2. We will deliver pure evil into the heart of the battle.

When movedEdit

  1. With great haste, just spread the taint on quickly.
  2. The best way to travel.
  3. As quickly as we can.

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