Bonesinger are trained at the Webway Assembly for 45 Requisition and 1 Squad Population.


  • Builder Unit.
  • Constructs all Eldar buildings.
  • Can use their abilities to enhance the strength of buildings.


  • 175 Hit Points
  • 200 Morale
  • Deals 18-22 melee damage.
  • Classified as Infantry and counters other Infantry.


The Eldar builder unit's noteworthy feature is his/her ability to teleport. This gives access to fast SP fortification with Listening Shrines as well as Webway Gates and secondary bases behind enemy lines.


When selectedEdit

  1. We are shaped by fate just as we shape it.
  2. My music is a pillar upon which whole worlds have been built.
  3. Command me to build.

When movedEdit

  1. Show me a place that is ready to receive the gift of the Eldar.
  2. Take me where I may call forth the Wraithbone.
  3. Shall I play the music here then?

When buildingEdit

  1. Look! It changes as I play!
  2. Nothing remains unchanged by the music of creation.
  3. My music will shape the Wraithbone.
  4. I will call it forth from the Warp.

When attackingEdit

  1. Engage with care.
  2. Strike!
  3. Strike swiftly, and true.
  4. Unleash the Swordwind.
  5. They have no hope of survival.

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