The Bloodthirster is the Relic unit for Chaos. It's a greater daemon who's a dedicated (giant) melee fighter with jump ability using his wings. The Bloodthirster requires researching a technology at the Daemon Pit, but doesn't actually appear there. Instead, once the technology is researched, the unit must be activated from a commander or squad leader who will then be killed as a blood sacrifice which will deal splash damage and knockback all friendly and non friendly units around it. After the ritual, the Bloodthirster will appear there. Hence, one of these could show up unexpectedly in the middle of a fight and anywhere on the map.


  • Greater Daemon.
  • The most terrifying servant of the Blood God.
  • Slowly loses health if he is not in combat.
  • Can use his wings to vault over impassable terrain.
  • Do not summon lightly, as he costs more resources every time you summon him.


Bloodthirsters have:

  • 14000 Hit Points
  • -4 Hit Points per second when not dealing damage.
  • Deals 468-572 melee damage
  • Deals no ranged damage


Although the Bloodthirster cannot be damaged by enemy units, the Bloodthirster will eventually die out if enough time elapsed as a result of its continuous drain of Hit Points when not in combat. It should be noted that Bloodthirsters must deal damage in order to prevent the Hit Points from decreasing, thus maximizing its life span. Whenever the Bloodthirster deals the final blow to Infantry and Heavy Infantry during an animation, the draining Hit Points will stop briefly. This makes Bloodthirsters particularly effective against massed up Infantry and Heavy Infantry. If a player were to encounter one, the player should either retreat to a more comfortable defensive position or send out one of the player's own Relic Units to delay the advance. However, players should avoid fighting the Bloodthirster if possible to minimize its life span. Killing one isn't much different from killing an Avatar; you dance with, say, an Assault Squad while focused fire wears it down.

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