Big Mek is the Secondary Commander unit for the Orks in Dawn of War. They can be trained at Da Boyz Hut for 190 Requisition, 60 Power and 2 Ork Resources. Like most commander units, only one can be queued at a time.


  • Commander unit (Secondary).
  • Boosts Morale recovery when attached to squads.
  • Uses many powerful abilities focused on damaging enemy vehicles.
  • Effective against all unit types. Excels at close combat.


Big Meks have:

  • 1050 Hit Points
  • 550 Morale
  • Deals 137-182 melee damage
  • Deals 122-148 ranged damage
  • Counters Infantry.


This is the secondary Ork commander unit. It is not as tough as the Warboss, but has more special abilities and can also repair vehicles if needed.

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