Dow sm apothecary icon
Unit Information
Type Heavy Infantry
Introduced In Dawn of War
Faction Space Marines
Trained At Sacred Artifact
Limit 4
Training Cost
Cost Resource requisition 60 Resource power 15
Hit Points 500 (+1/s)
Morale 350
Melee Attack 25-31

The Apothecary is a Heavy Infantry squad leader unit for the Space Marines introduced in Dawn of War.


  • Heavy infantry.
  • Healer unit.
  • Enhances regeneration rates of nearby infantry.


The Apothecary can be attached to a squad like a commander unit. The unit does not improve the squad's morale or fighting capacity, but boosts the squad's health regeneration (and that of other nearby units). Apothecaries have a chainsword and can engage in melee combat when needed, but does not provide a combat bonus like a commander. Apothecaries are cheap, costs no Squad cap and are trained much quicker than other units. As a result, there's no reason not to train the maximum number of them.


When selectedEdit

  1. The fallen shall be forever remembered, as the Emperor's finest.
  2. What are your needs?
  3. Apothecary here.
  4. The battlefield awaits.

When movedEdit

  1. Direct me to the injured.
  2. I follow your commands.
  3. No servant of the Emperor shall fall if I can help it.

When attackingEdit

  1. They are finished.
  2. Death or healing, I turn off which you see.
  3. Attack!
  4. The enemies of the Emperor shall be destroyed.

When attaching to a squadEdit

  1. Who requires my aid?

When leaving a squadEdit

  1. Leaving squad.

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