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This page is about Dark Crusade units. For background information, see Space Marines.


Dc sm thule iconForce CommanderPrimary commanderProvides attack and moral bonuses for troops. Excels at close combat.
Wa sm chaplain iconChaplainSecondary commanderDevastating melee attack. Dramatically increases the regeneration rate of surrounding units.


Dow sm servitor iconServitorBuilder unitConstructs all Space Marine buildings.
Dow scoutmarine iconScout Marine SquadLight infantryScout/recon/sniper unit. Good sight range. Can be upgraded to use infiltration (stealth).
Dow tacticalmarine iconSpace Marine SquadHeavy infantryResilient general combat unit strong at range and close combat. Broad range of weapon upgrades.

Assault Marine SquadEdit

Dow sm assaultmarine icon
  • Dow req 220 Dow squ 3
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Fast attack close combat unit.
  • Jetpacks quickly around, and over, the battlefield.
  • Melta bomb upgrade effective against vehicles.
  • Effective against infantry.

Terminator SquadEdit

Dow sm terminator icon
  • Dow req 240 Dow pow 100 Dow squ 3
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Very tough advanced combat unit. Slow moving.
  • Can be teleported to any visible location from the Chapel Barracks
  • Weapon upgrades effective against infantry and breaking morale.
  • Effective against most unit types in close combat.
  • Can be upgraded with a Teleporter

Assault Terminator SquadEdit

Dow terminator assault icon
  • Dow req 240 Dow pow 100 Dow squ 3
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Very tough advanced combat unit. Slow moving. Excels at close combat.
  • Can be teleported to any visible location from this structure.
  • Foregoes ranged weaponry for additional close combat damage and defense.
  • Effective against most unit types in close combat.
  • Can't lose morale (as they are selected from the most faithful to the Emperor)

Grey KnightsEdit

Dc sm grey knights icon
  • Dow req 180 Dow pow 90 Dow squ 3
  • Space Marines from a secretive Chapter serving the Emperor's Inquisition.
  • Elite infantry troops with Psyker abilities.
  • Highly effective against daemons.
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Can't lose morale.


Dow sm librarian icon
  • Dow req 245 Dow pow 80
  • Infantry unit.
  • Detects infiltrated units.
  • Psychic unit with many powerful abilities focused on weakening enemy resolve.


Dow sm apothecary icon
  • Dow req 60 Dow pow 15
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Healer unit.
  • Enhances regeneration rates of nearby infantry.

Skull ProbeEdit

Dow sm skullprobe icon
  • Dow req 75
  • Counts as infantry.
  • Detects infiltrated units.
  • Scout/fast moving detector unit with a good sight radius. No weaponry.
  • Attach to squads to increase squad sight range.


Rhino TransportEdit

Dow sm rhino icon
  • Dow req 75 Dow pow 70
  • Vehicle. Tank.
  • Transport tank. No weaponry.
  • Can transport infantry units (except Terminators and Assault Marines).
  • Can be equipped with smoke launcher ability.
  • Limit of 3

Land SpeederEdit

Dow sm land speeder icon
  • Dow req 120 Dow pow 95 Dow veh 1
  • Light vehicle.
  • Very fast ranged attack unit.
  • Can use skimmer ability to move over impassable terrain.
  • Effective against infantry.


Dow sm dreadnought icon
  • Dow req 170 Dow pow 305 Dow veh 3
  • Walker vehicle.
  • Support/siege unit.
  • Can be upgraded with anti-infantry or anti-vehicle ranged weaponry.
  • Effective against most unit types, very effective against vehicles and buildings in close combat.

Hellfire DreadnoughtEdit

Dow sm hellfire dreadnought icon
  • Dow req 100 Dow pow 250 Dow veh 3
  • Walker vehicle.
  • Anti-infantry.
  • Dreadnought variant that foregoes close combat for more ranged weaponry.
  • Fires rockets that do area effect damage and disrupt enemy infantry.
  • Effective at dealing with massed infantry.


Dow sm whirlwind icon
  • Dow req 190 Dow pow 300 Dow veh 5
  • Vehicle.
  • Light artillery tank.
  • Artillery can be fired at very long range, and does not require line of sight.
  • Artillery is highly inaccurate, especially when firing blind.
  • Superior to the Hellfire Dreadnought for dealing with massed infantry.


Dow sm predator icon
  • Dow req 165 Dow pow 300 Dow veh 5
  • Heavy tank.
  • Heavily armed and armored weapon platform.
  • Effective against infantry.
  • Can be upgraded to be effective against vehicles and buildings.

Land RaiderEdit

Dow sm land raider icon
  • Dow req 400 Dow pow 400 Dow veh 3
  • Heavy vehicle.
  • Super heavy transport tank/gunship.
  • Can transport infantry units.
  • Is the only transport that can carry Terminators.
  • Effective against vehicles and buildings.

Honor GuardEdit

First Company TerminatorEdit

Dow sm terminator icon
  • Veteran Terminator from the Blood Ravens First Company.
  • First Company Terminators are drawn from the deadliest, most devout warriors in the chapter.
  • Vested in sacred Terminator armor, which carries a small piece of the Emperor's own power armor.
  • The Blood Ravens Chapter Master has tasked this mighty warrior to protect Captain Thule's person.
  • Weapon upgrades effective against infantry and breaking morale.