The Guardsmen are an Imperial Guard light infantry unit in Dark Crusade.


  • Infantry.
  • The primary unit of the Imperial Guard.
  • Weak in small numbers or without leaders.
  • Powerful when massed in large numbers.
  • Attach Commissars or Priests to greatly increase their power.
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.
  • Each squad can hold 13 men (12 Guardsman, and 1 Sergeant) and also be joined by a Commissar, Psyker, or Priest


The strategy behind the Imperial Guard is easy enough, all you have to do is build lots (at least 5 squads) and fully upgrade them.

The only real problem is that you MUST remember on hard it is highly likely that the Imperial Guard will become cannon fodder for your stronger units.

When in combat make sure all the units in your squad are firing and that all the squads are in range. They can and will block the units behind them when attacking enemies in a mass. If they are forced into melee it is best to have 1 to 2 units continue to fight in melee while the rest pull back to continue ranged combat. When retreating it is best to charge 1-2 squads to make sure your entire infantry force (a maximum of 12 squads) are able to pull back, as it will take time.

Most underestimate the amount of trouble a single grenade squad can cause, as they make excellent harassment units if you are willing to micromanage, but the plasma guns are preferable in most situations. This is due to the weapon specialization research allowing five plasma guns to be equipped, which in turn allows large numbers of guardsmen to cut through necrons/space marines like butter.

Heavy synergy with every other guard unit makes them vital to any guard force. In my opinion the best combination is the basilisk/guardsmen/ogryn/kasrkin backing a tank force. The basilisk special ability can disrupt virtually any army while simultaneously forcing an opening for a massed guardsmen charge. All units should have leaders, but I have found it works best to have priests on the ogryns and kasrkins, with commissars leading the guardsmen themselves. This allows your infantry force to take the brunt of the counter attack, keeping the tanks safe enough to press on towards the enemy base.

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