Dow eld farseer icon
  •  Dow req 240 Dow pow 80
  • Commander unit (Primary).
  • Boosts morale recovery when attached to squad.
  • Powerful psychic unit with many attack abilities.
  • Can be upgraded with abilities to enhance friendly units.
  • Effective against all unit types.


  • Dow req 125 Dow pow 125
  • Commander unit (Secondary).
  • Enigmatic servant of the Eldar Laughing God.
  • Good at interrupting enemy infantry.
  • Fast attack, close combat unit.

Seer CouncilEdit

Dow eld seer council icon
  • Dow req 240 Dow pow 150
  • Infantry. Unique unit.
  • Commander retinue.
  • Resilient unit that benefits from most Warlock upgrades.
  • Each Warlock in squad reduces ability recharge time for all, including any attached units.
  • Effective against all unit types.
  • Detects infiltrated units.



  • Dow req 45 Dow pow 0
Dow eld bonesinger icon
  • Builder unit.
  • Constructs all Eldar buildings.
  • Can teleport over long distances.
  • Can turn enemy buildings off for some time.


  • Dow req 130 Dow pow 0
Dow eld guardian squad icon
  • Infantry.
  • General combat unit, effective at range.
  • Effective against infantry.
  • Leaders can detect infiltrated units and have supportive abilities.

Ranger SquadEdit

  • Dow req 200 Dow pow 0
Dow eld ranger squad icon
  • Infantry.
  • Light scout unit equipped with powerful long range rifles.
  • Can be upgraded to use infiltration (stealth).
  • Effective at breaking enemy morale.
  • Effective against infantry.

Howling Banshee SquadEdit

  • Dow req 200 Dow pow 0
Dow eld howling banshee squad icon
  • Infantry
  • Close combat specialist
  • Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.
  • Upgrades increase their hitpoints and damage.

Dark Reaper SquadEdit

  • Dow req 210 Dow pow 0
Dow eld dark reaper squad icon
  • Infantry.
  • Ranged combat specialist.
  • Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.

Fire DragonEdit

  • Dow req 165 Dow pow 30
Wa eldar icon
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Short-ranged assault infantry.
  • Effective against vehicles and buildings.
  • Grav stabilizers allow them to quickly recover from knockdown effects.

Warp Spider SquadEdit

  • Dow req 240 Dow pow 60
Dow eld warp spider squad icon
  • Heavy Infantry.
  • Fast attack unit.
  • Can teleport twice at average distances.
  • Upgrades make them effective against Vehicles and Buildings.
  • Effective against Infantry and heavy Infantry.

Shuriken Cannon PlatformEdit

  • Dow req 140 Dow pow 60
Dow eld grav platform shuriken cannon icon
  • Counts as Heavy Infantry.
  • Weapon Platform.
  • Can be attached to squads.
  • Effective against Infantry
  • Uses Vehicle cap

Brightlance PlatformEdit

  • Dow req 125 Dow pow 75
Dow eld grav platform brightlance icon
  • Counts as Heavy Infantry
  • Weapon Platform
  • Can be attached to squads
  • Effective against Vehicles and Buildings
  • Uses Vehicle cap



  • Dow req 400 Dow pow 400
Dow eld avatar icon
  • Daemon.
  • Avatar of the War God.
  • Inspires all infantry near him, making them immune to morale.
  • While alive, all Eldar units are produced faster and increase the squad/vehicle cap.
  • Effective in melee combat against all units.



  • Dow req 115 Dow pow 95
Dow eld vyper icon
  • Vehicle.
  • Fast attack unit.
  • Can use skimmer ability to move over impassable terrain.
  • Effective against infantry.

Falcon Grav TankEdit

  • Dow req 150 Dow pow 150
Dow eld falcon icon
  • Anti-infantry vehicle. Transport tank.
  • Transport/fire support.
  • Can transport infantry units.
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.


  • Dow req 100 Dow pow 250
Dow eld wraithlord icon
  • Walker vehicle. Most effective in close combat.
  • Siege/support unit.
  • Can be upgraded with anti-vehicle ranged weaponry.
  • Effective against most unit types, very effective against vehicles and buildings in close combat.

Fire PrismEdit

  • Dow req 150 Dow pow 315
Dow eld fire prism icon
  • Vehicle Tank.
  • Super heavy weapon platform.
  • Can use skimmer ability to move over impassable terrain.
  • Effective against infantry groups, vehicles and buildings.


Webway AssemblyEdit

  • Eldar headquarters building.
  • Produces: Bonesingers, Guardians, the Seer Council, and the Harlequin.
  • Contains fleet of foot research which allows most eldar infantry to move faster.
  • Contains research to increase the power of Bonesingers, Guardians and Warlocks.
  • Projects a control area around itself allowing other buildings to be built near it.
  • Webway Assembly increase in cost after building one. 

Support PlatformEdit

Dow eld support platform icon
  • Dow req 80 Dow pow 40
  • Turret equipped with a scatter laser.
  • Detects infiltrated units.
  • Effective against infantry units.
  • Can replace its default weapons with anti-vehicle weapons.

Webway GateEdit

Dow eld webway gate icon
  • Dow req 100 Dow pow 0
  • Increases the amount of units that can be built.
  • A portal that can hold infantry units (right-click on this building while an infantry unit is selected).
  • Infantry units inside can be brought out from any Webway Gate after a short delay.
  • Heals infantry, infiltrates and teleports friendly structures.
  • Produces Shuriken Cannon Platform and Brightlance platform.
  • Projects a control area around itself, allowing other buildings to be built near it. Can be build anywhere.

Aspect PortalEdit

  • Dow req 100 Dow pow 0
  • Requisitions infantry units.
  • Produces Rangers, Howling Banshees, Reapers, Warp Spiders, Fire Dragons, The Avatar and The Farseer.
  • Researches infantry units improvements.

Listening ShrineEdit

  • Dow req 80 Dow pow 0
  • Solidifies your hold on a strategic location by placing a building on it.
  • Place on Strategic Points and Relics.
  • Increases the Requisition resource production rate.
  • Can be upgraded with weapons and produce more requisition.
  • Projects a control area around itself allowing other buildings to be built near it.

Plasma GeneratorEdit

  • Dow req 165 Dow pow 0
  • Generates the Power Resource.
  • A single Webway Assembly can only support six Generators.
  • Plasma Generators are volatile and will damage anything nearby when they are destroyed.

Soul ShrineEdit

  • Dow req 250 Dow pow 200
  • Contains various researches improving Eldar units.
  • Allows the building of more advanced buildings and units.

Support PortalEdit

  • Dow req 200 Dow pow 140
  • Requisitions vehicle units.
  • Produces Vipers, Wraithlords, Falcon Grav Tanks and Fire Prisms.

Thermo Plasma GeneratorEdit

  • Dow req 250 Dow pow 0
  • Generates the Power resource at a higher rate than plasma generators.
  • Can only be built on top of Slag Deposits
  • Thermo Plasma Generators are volatile and will damage anything nearby when they are destroyed
  • Projects a control area around itself, allowing other buildings to be built near it.

Mine FieldEdit

  • Dow req 50 Dow pow 50
  • Mine Fields contain mines that will explode when enemy units pass over them.
  • Mine fields cannot be seen by most enemy units.
  • Once detected, enemies can attack and destroy mine fields.
  • After enough mines are triggered the Mine Field will be destroyed.
  • Commanders can detect mine fields.