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Dow2 chapter command wargear

Chapter Command wargear poster

The Chapter Command Wargear Set is a bonus wargear set for Dawn of War II that was awarded for registering the game at THQ, pre-ordering from GameStop, or pre-ordering from EB Games. The content has since been unlocked for all players, although installing the wargear set grants the included items to the player's inventory automatically.


  • "Cuirass of Azariah" armor
  • "Pistol of Baal" bolt pistol
  • "Gauntlet of Blood" power fist
  • "Mantle of the Great Father" armor
  • "Fearsome Light of Faith" plasma gun
  • "Laurels of Hadrian" iron halo
  • Two unique Chapters: "Revilers" and "Angels Sanguine"
  • Eight exclusive Army Painter colors

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