This article is about the Chaos Rising unit. For plot information, see Thaddeus.

Thaddeus is again one of your squad sergeants. He has continued being the assault sergeant since Dawn of War II and is now even stronger. With all the new traits he can get and a maximum level of 30 he is still a force to be reckoned with. Having helped stave off the Tyranid invasion he now must go head to head with the Daemonic forces of Chaos.


In Chaos Rising there are a couple of new weapons available to Thaddeus. He can still equip Chainswords, Power Swords, Power Axes, Power Fists and Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield melee weapons and now he can equip a single Lightning Claw in Power armor and a pair of Terminator Lightning Claws in Terminator armor. He gets no new ranged weapons. With the new tainted weapons and armour, Thaddeus is powerful indeed.

New Traits Edit

His final Stamina trait is to lead a squad of Vanguard Veterans. One is armed with a Power Axe and the other a Power Fist. One of his Strength traits is to change Merciless Strike into Merciless Assault. This ability means that you can make a small jump or teleport and when you and your squad land they each do a powerful merciless strike. His other new Strength trait means that Chapter's Fury reduces the ability cooldown on ally abilities as well as his own. His final Will trait is Assault Supremacy. This means that Assault Jump gets special bonuses if used in coherency with Battle Supremacy, Command Supremacy and Tactical Supremacy.

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