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Capital Defense
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Capital Spire
Briefing Commander, Praise Terra you have come. The Vandis heretics and the Black Legion are overrunning Capital Spire itself. We still hold the Imperial Palace, but they have taken the rest of the spire. I will die here before surrendering the palace to these treasonous curs. Without your aid, Blood Ravens, I will make good on that pledge before long. "How did this happen?" You have brought us key victories, Commander, but we have been fighting a hundred other battles. The 85th Vendoland and my other loyal troops have all suffered massive casualties. The Black Legion, however, never seems to run out of madmen and daemons to throw against us. Loyal forces are converging on Capital Spire, but they will not be here in time to make a difference.
Objectives Destroy the Heretic Attackers
Defend the Palace
Allowing this mission to expire corrupts all squads
Intelligence A strong defensive line is the key to victory.
Two squads of Imperial Stormtroopers are yours to command.
Reward The Iron Cage (level 27 legendary power armor)


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Heretic Attackers
  • Primary Objective: Defend the Palace (Structural Integrity: 85%)
  • Secondary Objective: Capture the Shrine and Array
  • Primary Objective: Defeat the Final Assault
  • Redemption Opportunity: Holding the Shrine and Array redeems your squads


Cr minimap capital defense
This is straightforward: set up and hold against incoming attackers. Here you see how good your build is, especially on primarch difficulty. The enemy is mostly large numbers of light and heavy infantry, but the last wave includes multiple tanks and walkers.

Two squads of Imperial Guardsmen are under your command. Compared to your Space Marines they are fragile and do mediocre damage, but they have mines and frag grenades as energy-based abilities.

Be aware that some enemies will charge past you to directly attack the palace. It may help to keep an Imperial Guard squad in reserve near the beacon, to grenade those enemies and slow them down while Space Marines catch up. In the final wave, Chaos tanks will try to run right up to the palace; fortunately, they will tend to sit immobile while attacking the structure, making them easy targets for artillery or Cyclone Missiles.

The secondary objective is to take both the shrine and array. Capturing each one awards you an item of wargear and makes two extra turrets available in this mission. If you hold them both at mission end, all squads gain Redemption. It is possible to take them with Cyrus while other squads defend the palace, but that means he must assassinate or draw away the squads defending each. A faster option is to have Thaddeus jump or teleport down to them during any slight break in the battle. When each location is captured, one of your unused squads will be deployed to defend it.

The two buildings with white arrows pointing two them will yield a random wargear item when destroyed. Exiting and re-entering the mission will cause them to drop new wargear, which can allow the player to collect nearly all wargear in the game.

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