This page is for basic information about the Chaos Rising campaign.

Difficulty levelsEdit

Dow2 str battle cry large

The difficulty levels in Chaos Rising are somewhat different from Dawn of War II. The steep enemy damage bonus (up to 450% on Primarch difficulty) has been reduced, and they now have a health modifier as well.

  • Recruit – Easy
    • Enemy damage × 0.9
    • Enemy health × 0.75
  • Sergeant – Medium
    • Enemy damage × 1.0
    • Enemy health × 1.0
  • Captain – Hard
    • Enemy damage × 1.5
    • Enemy health × 1.5
  • Primarch – Legendary
    • Enemy damage × 2.0
    • Enemy health × 2.0


Dow2 wil drop bays large

In the Chaos Rising campaign, you only get one deployment per day. Losing or quitting a mission does not waste a deployment.

Replenishing SuppliesEdit

Locate supply crates throughout missions. Destroy them to reveal various types of supplies, which when picked up will replenish limited-use equipment you have equipped.

  • Medical Supplies replenish restorative items such as Stimulant Kits, Rites of Repair and Litanies of Vigor.
  • Combat Supplies replenish weaponry used in frontline combat, such as Grenades, Melta Bombs, and specialized Scout ammunition.
  • Explosive supplies replenish heavy demolition weapons such as Cyclone Missiles, Cluster Mines, and Remote Detonators.
  • Strategic Supplies replenish the powerful Signum, Rosarius, and Locator Beacon.

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