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The Dark Crusade vs Soulstorm

I know Dark Crusade and Soulstorm are part of DoW 1 but wich one is better? What changes does the story (including the archives) hold for the future of DoW? In my opinion Dark Crusade was better because it had a better story that has an effect on even DoW 3 but Soulstorm does have more races and the archive brings up more theories and questions espessially for the dark Eldar
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I pref dark crusade cuz it really shows you the rise of 'necrons
I agree, and the necrons are a lot more powerfull and scary in dark crusade. In soulstorm it feels as if they were in a hury or didn't care much. In dark crusade it feels more like a story than a skirmish game like soulstorm mostly feels.
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